Shaping the future of Healthcare in Greece 2015


Healthcare Reforms Greater Challenges Ahead

“Health economics and policy under “memorandum” health reform”

John Kyriopoulos, President of Scientific Committee, Professor Emeritus of Health Economics, National School of Public Health

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“Financial crisis and health systems- international experience”

Armin Fidler, President, European Health Management Association (EHMA), Senior Lecturer, Management Center Innsbruck, former Lead Adviser, Policy and Strategy, World Bank

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“Access to safe and innovative medicines, medical devices and healthcare services”

Ilaria Passarani, Head of Food and Health Department of The European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC)

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“Εvidence based health care solutions and health care reform”

Haseeb Ahmad, Managing Director, MSD Greece, Cyprus, Malta

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“Strategies for sustained pharma growth: Greece at the crossroads”

Stefano Di Biase, Senior Consultant, Thought Leadership, IMS Health

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“Access to healthcare system: Τhe view of Greek citizens”

Tina Tripsa, Healthcare Research Specialist

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“The ‘value’ of the patient access to innovative medicines”

Marcos Gerassopoulos, General Manager Sanofi Greece & Cyprus

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“How to optimise public investment in healthcare research”

Michel Goldman, MD, PhD, Immunology Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Erasmus European Business and Innovation Center, former Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI)

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