Shaping the future of Healthcare in Greece 2012


Caring, Curing, Securing

“Health and Social Values in times of financial crisis”

Hans Kluge, Director, Division of Health Systems and Public Health, The WHO Regional Office for Europe

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“Reshaping of health policies under the current economic crisis, how the Task Force contributes”

Georgette Lalis, Head of the European Commission Task Force for Greece – Athens Antenna

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“Health and financial crisis: Greece in European context”

David Stuckler, Professor, Sociology, University of Cambridge, UK

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“Pharmaceutical pricing: Impact of the Greek price cuts on other Member States”

Dr. Alexander Natz, Secretary General, EUCOPE (European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs)

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“Technologies enabling the healthcare services reform”

Philip Chircop, Member of the Board, European Patients’ Forum

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“Improving hospital efficiency, effectiveness and quality: international examples for Greek healthcare”

Dr. Angela Spatharou, Associate Principal, McKinsey London

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“Economic constraints and efficiency of health systems”

George Mergos, Professor of Economics, University of Athens, ex. Governor of Social Insurance Foundation (IKA)

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“R&D in Greece: an opportunity we need to take”

Kyriakos Souliotis, Vice – President, EOPΥY

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“Clinical Reasearch and Economy”

M. Vavuranakis, Ass. Profession of Cardiology, Medical School, University of Athens

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“Rewarding added value in pharmaceutical innovation”

Nikos Kefalas, President of LAWG (PhRMA) Greece

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“The contribution of pharmaceutical innovation to the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system”

Karim Mikhail, Vice President and Managing Director of Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Greece

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“Access to innovative therapies: Benefits for patients”

Pashalis Apostolides, President & Managing Director of Abbott Laboratories Hellas S.A., Vice President of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies

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“Reducing cost and Optimizing hospital supply chain processes through a healthcare logistics partner: The Case of Y-Logimed in the private Healthcare Sector”

Stella Gioni, Supply Chain Director, Y-Logimed (HYGEIA Group)

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“Diagnostic Imaging in Europe: Best Practices for Accessible, Quality and Cost Efficient Services “

Dimitiris Moulavasilis, Vice President Diagnostics, Euromedic International

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“Integrated Solutions for Efficient Healthcare Units”

Georgios Panagiotarakos, General Manager, Siemens Healthcare Greece & OSWE

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“Caring and Curing through improved Patient Adherence”

Peter Hunter Johnston, VP Global Sales, BIOAXIS Healthcare UK

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“Current and future health policies in Greece and the EU: the central role of patients”

Dimitris Vidalis, Sales Director, B.I. ALBANIS Business Information Systems

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