Shaping the future of Healthcare in Greece 2011


“Critical issues in the shaping of modern people-centered health systems”

Hans Kluge, Director, Division of Health Systems and Public Health, The WHO Regional Office for Europe

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“Drivers of future Healthcare trends and their impact on the economics and the organization of Healthcare”

Guillem Lopez-Casasnovas, Professor UPF, Spain; Founder of the Research Center on Health and Economics (CRES); President, International Health Economics Association, Board of Governors, Bank of Spain

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“European Healthcare policy, reforms and the role of Patient Rights”

Panos Kanavos, Reader, International Health Policy, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics

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“Reviewing healthcare trends and health care reforms in the USA”

Tryfon Beazoglou, Professor, Department of Cranofacial Sciences, University of Connecticut

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“Greece Healthcare 2021: Untapping growth potential”

Angela Spatharou, Associate Principal, McKinsey London

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“Reviewing the evolution of Healthcare in Greece so far; lessons learned “

Aris Sissouras, Professor of Operations Research, University of Patras

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“Re-engineering the National Health System under conditions of uncertainty”

Nikos Polyzos, Secretary General, Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity

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“Improving access, efficiency and quality in the new social health insurance structure”

Kyriakos Souliotis, Chairman, OPAD & Vice-Chairman, EOPPY

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“The role for private insurance in healthcare finance and provision”

George P. Veliotes, Member of the Health Committee of the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies (H.A.I.C.)

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“A vision for Healthcare; how should we go ahead? An independent academic view “

Yannis Stournaras, Professor, University of Athens; Director, Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research

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“Hospital Procurement: using electronic tendering to make it efficient “

Nader Sabbaghian, CEO, BravoSolution UK

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“Operational Excellence: Improving a health service provider through a different perspective”

Gary Tharme, Managing Partner, Unipart, UK

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“PPPs: New approaches to management of the NHS in England “

Peter Cutler, Partner, Cutler Associates; Director, “Your Healthcare” Social Enterprise, London, UK

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“How mobile technologies align with more efficient healthcare services”

Dimitris Vidalis, Sales Director, B.I. Albanis S.A., Premier Solution Partner, Motorola

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“Diagnostic Imaging in Europe: Best Practices for Accessible, Quality and Cost Efficient Services “

Dimitiris Moulavasilis, Vice President Diagnostics, Euromedic International

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