September 20, 2022 | Live Online & Interactive

Joining forces for a resilient future in health

The 2022 Future of Healthcare in Greece Conference, one of the biggest annual events on healthcare policies in Greece, is organized for the 12th consecutive year under the special theme “Joining forces for a resilient future in health”.

The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis, as well as new emerging threats for human health, all brought into sharp focus the need for health systems to work together in solidarity, to exchange international best practices, and to discover new models of collaboration between all stakeholder groups in health – across countries, continents, sectors, and disciplines.

On the other hand, Covid-19 has been a catalyst for accelerated innovation, which could play an essential role in bridging the health inequality gaps worldwide. In a time when available public and private funds are limited and global public health needs had to be addressed, it is essential for healthcare systems worldwide to decide where to invest, and how to fund innovation.

This year’s conference will focus on the health policies to build strong, resilient, and inclusive healthcare systems maintaining at the same time a strong focus on economy and continuing to fight for solidarity, equity and transformation in health, within Greece and Europe and on the global stage – for health to rise like a phoenix from this crisis.

During this high-level event, world-class international speakers, and experts, and community members from the public and private sector in the field of public health, civil society, and academia will engage in panel discussions and present the latest initiatives in European and Global level towards a new vision for Health.


During the last 11 years, the conference has hosted 100 distinguished international speakers representing:

♦ World Health Organization ♦ World Bank ♦ European Commission ♦ OECD ♦ European Patients Forum ♦ United Nations High Commissioner ♦ EUCOPE ♦ EFPIA ♦ European Medicines Agency ♦ London School of Economics ♦ University of Cambridge ♦ City University ♦ SDA Bocconi School of Management ♦ University of Connecticut ♦ University College-London ♦ NOVA University of Lisbon

Every year the Conference is attended by 500 delegates, whereas the past 11 years it has attracted approx. 5.000 live viewers via our live-streaming service and the conference videos reached 55.000 views.




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Key Sessions will focus on:

  • Sustainability of Health Systems: Joining Forces for a Resilient Future in Health: What common values and visions should a new global health strategy carry? What are the future strategic, geographic, and political priorities? What instruments and partnerships should underpin Europe’s strategy for global health?
  • Addressing Sustainability of the Greek Healthcare System: How can Greece use the European Recovery Fund, as well as other European Programs in the best way possible, to accelerate healthcare system reforms and address the healthcare needs of its population?
  • Primary Healthcare: The Biggest Stake for Public Health in Greece: Recent Primary Health Care reforms in Greece have not yet proved their effectiveness in a comprehensive way. We still need to identify whether the PHC reforms in Greece had impact on population coverage, service coverage, financial protection, and it this context, evidence-based monitoring and evaluation mechanism are necessary.
  • Greece as a Hub of Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Can Greece attract investments in demanding cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology, and become a hub of biopharmaceutical innovation?
  • Harnessing the power of Big Data to drive decision making in public health in Greece: To strengthen and continuously improve program delivery, monitoring, management, and informed decision-making at every level of the health system regardless of location, we need high fidelity and timely data feedback. Ongoing conversations on the need to harness the power of big data in safeguarding the resilience of society are now open. A smarter and more equitable use of data will contribute to improved policymaking and to better health care.



Statements of Key Leads

Who should Attend?

  • Members of the Greek Parliament
  • Senior government officials
  • Representatives of healthcare institutions
  • Public and private health services providers
  • Financial and corporate organizations
  • Senior executives from health and pharma industries
  • Health economists
  • Health Policy experts
  • Doctors
  • Patient advocates & patient group representatives
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Journalists


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Affidea is the largest provider of Primary Health Care services in Europe with activity in 15 countries. In Greece Affidea started its operation in 2005 with the aim to provide high quality health services to everyone. Affidea centers are certified according to the international standard ISO 9001 and the biopathological laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESS) according to ISO 15189. Today Affidea operates via a nationwide network of diagnostic centers with premium medical standards, state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained medical staff doctors.

Consistently investing in research and development  

ELPEN has been active since 1965 in the production of branded Greek medicines. With 1,100 employees at group level, the company invests more than 10% of its annual turnover in research projects. With exports of 30 medicinal products and an active presence in 18 European countries and 41 worldwide, is recognized in international markets. 

ELPEN has launched a 5 years investment plan of 125 million €. This includes the construction of a new production plant in Keratea and a Research and Innovation Park in Spata, as well as the modernization of its existing production facilities in Pikermi.

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In Greece, we have been active since 1968, counting now more than 200 employees and collaborating with all Healthcare professionals as well as Hospitals. In numerical terms, IQVIA Hellas has a network of 3.5K doctors and 3K pharmacies for data collection & primary research studies, while conducting at least 120 clinical studies at over 100 sites. We also work closely with all partners in Healthcare ecosystem, such as institutions, authorities, collective bodies of health scientists and pharmaceutical companies, as well as patient associations, providing our services to over 150 clients.


Under the Auspices

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology is a subsidiary of the National Organization for Medicines. It mainly engages in the production, import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, which are not marketed in Greece by private pharmaceutical companies and are deemed indispensable for patient treatment and the protection of public health.   

The Institute’s mission is to make healthcare available to all patients, by providing solutions that enable access to products, therapies, and technology. Its priority lies with patients, and the coverage of their needs in an integrated and responsible way, with respect to the applicable legislation, regulations, and international standards. For the past 30 years, the Institute has been focusing on the Greek patient, working consistently and persistently for the protection of Public Health, ensuring access to rare medicines and treatments, while offering top health services, innovating, and evolving.

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