September 20, 2022 | Live Online & Interactive

Joining forces for a resilient future in health

The 2022 Future of Healthcare in Greece Conference aims to focus its proceedings on how we can address the root causes and systemic failings that have allowed COVID-19 to flourish and looking forward, build resilience to fight for solidarity, equity and transformation in health.

The crisis has brought into sharp focus the need to work together in solidarity, to exchange international best practices, and to dive into new models of collaboration between all stakeholder groups in health – across countries, continents, sectors, and disciplines.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for accelerated innovation, specifically for innovative treatments and tools. Now an ambitious systemic and legal paradigm shift is needed to allow access for all, which entails a radical reappraisal of current practices. To this end, decision-makers, experts, and community members from the public and private sector, civil society, and academia will come together to envision how we can build resilience to fight for solidarity, equity and transformation in health, within Greece and Europe and on the global stage – for health to rise like a phoenix from this crisis.

One of the main sessions will focus on the crucial role data plays in safeguarding the resilience of society. A smarter and more equitable use of data will contribute to improved policymaking and to better health care.


Key Sessions will focus on:

  • Public Health: Epidemiological Surveillance, Health Emergency, Prevalence, Vigilance (Speakers from: ECDC, Greek Ministry of Health, EU Commission)
  • The Future of Digital Health Systems in Managing Innovation
  • Medicines, Innovation and the value of medicine: How should society value and fund costly medicines? How successful have Patient Access Schemes been?
  • Sustainability of Health Systems: What common values and visions should a new global health strategy carry? What are the future strategic, geographic, and political priorities? What instruments and partnerships should underpin Europe’s strategy for global health?




Statements of Key Leads

Who should Attend?

  • Members of the Greek Parliament
  • Senior government officials
  • Representatives of healthcare institutions
  • Public and private health services providers
  • Financial and corporate organizations
  • Senior executives from health and pharma industries
  • Health economists
  • Health Policy experts
  • Doctors
  • Patient advocates & patient group representatives
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Journalists


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